Friday, March 18, 2011

New Work Space

I recently relocated my work space to a new room.  It is no small task to take an entire room of sewing and work space down to only part of a room.  One must be organized and minimalistic.  I was quite surprised to find that my new work space is not only functional it is quite efficient.  I wonder if less space is sometimes best?
New Work Space:

Old sewing room: can you say clutter???

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

They grew on me...

This is the finished product of the Hot Pink and White Polka Dot Clutches.  If you remember, I ordered this fabric from China as a special order for a bride who wanted 8 of them as gifts for her bridesmaids.  They turned out quite nice and rather elegant.  Funny how fabrics that I would not necessarily choose myself turn out to be rather stunning in the end.  This project definitely helps to broaden my fabric horizons.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hot Pink and White Poka Dot Clutches

A few weeks ago I got an order from a bride who wanted 8 clutches for her bridesmaids. I was so excited about my first bridesmaid clutch order, and I actually ended up getting another order just a few days later! 
Anyway, this bride found fabric online that she wanted me to use, and I ordered it for her.  The fabric was from China, and I was a bit nervous about my first international purchase, but it went very smoothly, and the fabric arrived quicker than I expected.  It is a cotton fabric, but it is soft and almost silky and very high quality.  The hot pink and white poka dots didn't appeal to me at first, but after putting the clutches together, the fabric is starting to grow on me.  I love that the poka dots vary in size, and I have never seen a design quite like this fabric.  I have all the clutch bodies finished and they are just waiting to be adhered to their silver clasp frames.  I thought they looked so pretty all lined up on my cutting table this evening.