Friday, November 13, 2009

He can Sew Too!

I came in from the store today to find my dear husband sewing patches on his work jeans. Thanks to his great mechanical abilities, he is very able to use the sewing machine.  (And he was wise to pull out my older model instead of using my new Janome unsupervised...)  The sewing room was temporarily turned upside down, and I was momentarily annoyed until I saw the humor in the situation and was able to applaud him for his ingenuity and creativity in getting the job done.

Yes, those are bungy chords holding down  the machine which is precariously resting on a book to give the neck of the machine some lift... very creative babe!  And yes, that is my pin cushion around his wrist... very cute babe!

The final patch... not bad!  Can you see the black sharpe marking pin line at the top of the patch that he marked for his cutting line?  LOVE IT!
Great job Scott!


  1. Okie dokie...the stakes have been raised. When I told Tom that Scott was sewing on his own jeans patches, he said, "and that means what?" Go Scott!!!!

  2. Scott will be happy to challenge Tom to a patch-off!

  3. Tom says he'll challenge Scott to a quilt block-off.

  4. Ohhh... that would be VERY interesting!!

  5. AWESOME! Are we inviting him to the next sewing day?