Sunday, August 7, 2011


So a part of making clutches is gluing the clutch to the metal frame.  This is not my favorite part of the process, but an essential part!  With 80-100 clutches on my back-log at any given time I do a LOT of gluing.  The heat of the summer makes gluing a bit challenging.  I have to glue either in the morning or the evening (if it cools off). 
The best part of the glue is going to the store to purchase it.  I finally found a store that sells the glue locally for a good price. When I go I typically purchase about 10 tubes at the same time which always brings strange looks from the clerk at the register. The last time I purchased glue, the clerk asked if I was at least 18.  I am not making Meth people!
My least favorite part of gluing is wearing a mask to keep from breathing the horrific smelling glue.
My dear husband thinks the mask is cute so he decided to snap a couple shots of me at work gluing in the backyard.
Not my best look...

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  1. Yeah, glue as an excuse to wear the mask. :) The other thing I noticed was how your headband matched your shirt. Oh yeah, and the clutches...