Monday, October 17, 2011

A New Name

I have been making clutches for quite some time now, and I have come to realize that in business there is always change.  I named my business "My Creative Threads" to cover a broad range of items that I could potentially make and sell.  With the dramatic increase in clutch/handbag sales, I feel it is time to create a division of the business to cater specifically to customers looking for clutches.  I am planning to start a website, and I intend to give the site this new name.  My only problem is I can't think of a good name! 
There are so many options out there.   My current top choices are "Sew Clutch" and "Creative Clutches".  I like these options because they clearly define what I am selling, and the second option ties in with my original name. 
It would be easier to choose one of these names if it weren't for one teeny little problem....  let me paint the picture:

Big Burly Guy who hasn't shaved in a week and smells of grease and oil is sitting in front of the computer with cigarette in one hand and beer in the other.  He is desperately searching for something online, but he isn't terribly computer literate and is already pretty frustrated with his search thus far.  He pulls up my website and shouts at the computer "What the...." as he sees these beautifully handmade clutches.  At this point he gives up and decides to take the trip to the Auto Parts store to see if they have the part he needs.
And here I sit, on the "other side" of the computer feeling a little badly because the poor guy is just trying to fix the clutch on his car, and my website is obviously not going to help him.  But while I am feeling badly, I am kinda laughing (just a little) at the humor in the situation and feeling like I have fooled another one again!  (is that bad??- probably yes  insert sinister laugh here)

So the question still remains- Do I use the word "Clutch" in the new name/ domain name?  Or do I use something like Handbag or...?
I am open to suggestions, thoughts, opinions, commentary....


  1. Think of what your brides would call them. What are they called on bridal sites? handbag stores? it they all call them clutches, then sorry mister!! funny picture... i was wondering if you were describing Scott, until I kept reading : )

  2. What about Classy Clutches by My Creative Threads?