Monday, September 28, 2009


Over the years I have come to LOVE fabric, the textures, colors, and designs.  The possibilities are endless as to what one can create with fabric.  My love of fabric began when I was given a sewing machine, and decided a good first "test" project would be to make a quilt.  I picked out a bunch of fabric that I thought would look good together and began to start cutting out squares and rectangles with scissors and measuring tape.  With no apparent rhyme or reason I began to sew the pieces together one by one. I soon discovered that I had a lot of corners to contend with.  I had no clue how to sew the fourth corner of four pieces fabric.  Somehow I managed to piece together the entire quilt top.  I used polyester batting and a coordinating backing.  For the binding I simply folded a long strip of fabric over the edges and proceeded to sew along the top, securing both top and bottom together.  (Missing much of the lower binding entirely)  I decided to tie the quilt (I had seen this somewhere, and thought it was a great alternative to actually quilting it).  Tada, my first quilt!  And thus my love affair with fabric began.

My next few quilts got progressively better, though they do reveal that I was still trying to master the ary of quilting on my own.  Over the years, I have learned from skilled quilters and friends the proper way to quilt. Since I have never been very good at following the rules entirely, I will admit to sometimes still making it up as I go.
*I will also note that the above quilt was the "inspiration" for a good friend of mine to start quilting again.  She has since then far surpassed my quilting abilities and is a wonderful inspiration to me.  She claims there is a pattern to the design in this quilt, but I (the quilt's creator) have never been able to figure it out...


  1. well i am officially hooked to this blog. keep those posts coming girl. you are so talented and i can't wait to continue reading all about the gifts God has given you. miss you.

  2. I may have told you this before, but when my mom saw the quilt you made for Esperanza, she was really impressed with the quality! ~Jilian