Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I feel so.... Domestic!

This summer while visiting my mother and father-in-law in Michigan, I discovered how enjoyable it is to use a laundry line for drying our laundry.  It was not only enjoyable to hang my laundry on the line, I also really liked the idea of saving money by not using the dryer.  So I got my husband to install a line in our back yard.  At this point we have one line installed from the house to the back fence, and I am loving it!  I find myself searching the house for dirty laundry every morning just so I can run a load to hang up.  I love being out in the cool morning air, feeling the breeze, and taking the time to hang each piece individually.  Everything is so clean and fresh feeling, and it is wonderful to crawl into crisp bedsheets!   One caveat to the laundry line is that I do not hang my bath towels or jeans because they tend to get very scratchy and stiff.  I understand that some people like the scratchy and stiff towels and jeans, but  I do not prefer to be exfoliated when I step out of the shower.  I highly recommend the laundry line, and I would encourage you to try it too... it is very refreshingly domestic!  And for those of you who were paying attention, yes, those are jeans on the line.  They belong to my husband, and he doesn't mind the scratchy and stiff...

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  1. Scratchy towels and stiff jeans...I LIKE 'EM. And don't you just love that fresh-air smell? That would be known as God's perfume.