Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Make a Clutch

This is the first "how to" post, and I realize some of my readers might not actually go out and make their own clutch, but I thought it would be interesting to share how I construct my items.
This is a how to for my "Clutch-icke" design.  The "Clutch-icke" is a simple clutch that can be used for a night out instead of a bag/purse. It can also be used to collect your receipts and/or coupons inside your bag/purse, or hold your cosmetics.  The name "Clutch-icke" was inspired by my friends who recieved one of my clutches as a birthday gift and immediately started calling it "Clutch-icke" as a play on my last name, Persicke.
First cut out two pieces of exterior fabric, and two pieces of interior fabric. (My cut sizes vary depending on the length of the zipper and the amount of fabric I have to work with.)  This clutch was cut 7"x 10". Cut 3"x 15" of exterior fabric for the wrist strap.  Iron each side 1/4".  Fold in half and iron again.  Using top stitch foot sew down both sides of strap. 
Iron on interfacing to the wrong side of all four pieces:


Place the zipper face down on the top edge of one piece of the exterior fabric:

Place one piece of the interior fabric, (interfacing facing up) to match with the edge of the zipper and the top edge of the exterior piece.  Pin all three pieces together.

Using a zipper foot, sew 1/4 seam along the top edge

Press open:

Place zipper face down on the top edge of the second exterior piece:

Place second piece of interior fabric (interfacing up) to line up with top edge of zipper and top edge of exterior fabric:

Using a zipper foot, sew 1/4 seam along the top edge:

Press Open:

Match up exterior right sides together, and interior right sides together. Fold strap in half and place raw edges on the side between the two exterior pieces. Match the raw edges just below the zipper.   Pin exterior side, making sure to pin the strap in the middle. Pin the interior sides together.

Sew 1/4" seams from center zipper along edge and bottom of exterior. Sew 1/4" seams from center/zipper along edge.  Stop sewing on the bottom edge 2" from center.  Begin sewing again 2" from opposite side to leave an unsewn gap in the bottom of the interior side. Make sure the zipper is open so that you are able to pull the fabric through after sewing.

Reach into the gap left unsewn to pull the exterior side through the interior side. "Turn" the clutch so that the exterior is now right side facing out and the interior is right side facing out.

 Press both sides and seams:
Press 1/4" under at the unsewn opening. Using a top stitch foot sew along the opening.

Push interior into the exterior and press:

Tada!  Your Clutch is ready to be used!!


  1. wow. i have so much more respect for your skill now. that is a lot of work and you make it seem so easy. thanks for sharing the ins and outs of making a clutch-icke.

  2. Good for you, Jen. Looks great.