Thursday, October 15, 2009

A tradition from generation to generation

As a young girl, my mother and her best friend began a tradition of canning applesauce in the Fall when the local apples were in season. They would let their respective daughters help them run the apples through the food mill. We would watch in amazement as the applesauce came out the other side.  Now, years later the daughters are carrying on the same tradition.  I have known Rachelle since we were about six, and now that we live in the same town again, we decided to carry on the Fall applesauce making tradition.
This year, our second year of applesauce making, we decided to add marinara sauce to the canning repertoire.  As the rain poured down outside we donned our aprons and began peeling, coring, chopping, boiling, and milling.  Canning can sometimes be a trial-by-error process, as we experienced with the marinara sauce.  We quickly learned that the food mill would not work for the tomato's, as the red juice leaked out and ran down the side of the cupboards, puddling nicely in the drawers and on the floor.  Then we remembered the sieve. Aha! A much better method!  The applesauce making process went much smoother than the marinara sauce, but the final results for both were fantastic!

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  1. mmmm...looks yummy. what a great memory from your childhood. i used to help my grandpa can jam from the fruit of his orchard and it is still one of my fondest memories spent with him.