Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Ten-Year Quilt

I recently pulled this quilt out of a cedar chest in our garage. This little quilt was started about 9 years ago during my "experiment in quilting" phase.  I am not sure why I selected such bright colors, but I think it was because these colors were in fashion in the quilting world back then.  I laboriously pieced the quilt together (this time I followed the quilting rules...). I chose a very hard pattern (I think this was a mariner's compass). After piecing the center star together I decided to break away from the pattern and create my own blocks as borders. 
What makes this quilt so special is that I did all the quilting by hand.  (Not the piecing... I used a machine for that).  I worked on quilting this quilt for a while, and then I guess I got tired of it and put it away.  When I pulled it out a couple weeks ago I discovered that I didn't have much quilting left to do.  During a recent phone conversation with a friend I told her about this quilt.  She informed me that she too has a quilt that she began about 9 years ago as well.  The fabric for her quilt was purchased when she and I visited a quilting show at the Marin Civic Center.  She also started hand-quilting her quilt, put it away, and recently got it out again.  So she and I made a pact... by the spring we will both have finished our quilts!!  They will be the "Ten-Year" quilts.  So Ingrid, now our pact is official!  How is that for motivation (for us both!!).
So stay tuned for pictures of BOTH finished quilts!!

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