Sunday, October 18, 2009

I LOVE clean floors!

 I love my floors to be clean... who doesn't?  It just makes the whole house feel cleaner.  One of my biggest pet peeves is stains on the carpet, and a dirty kitchen floor.  I have to just get over the stains on the carpet in our house because are carpet is SO light in color is shows everything. No matter how often we shampoo the carpets, they just get dirty again very soon.
We also have light colored tile in our entry way and kitchen.  I let the tile go for longer than I would like because I just detest cleaning it.  We have this large mop (you know the kind with the big hairy ropes that you dip into the bucket and wring out...).  It is such a pain to mop, and then I have to go back over the floor with a towel just to sop up all the remaining water.  Sometimes I will let it go so long that my husband will get tired of it and clean it himself. 
For quite a while now I have been wanting to get a steam cleaner for my tile floors.  A friend introduced me to the Shark steam cleaner, and I have been dreaming about it ever since. I love the idea of cleaning without any chemicals, and the ease of using steam!
Just last week my husband was helping a friend work on her house, and she told him about a steam cleaner that she loved.  So as a thank-you blessing to my husband, this friend sent him home with a brand new Wagner Steam Cleaner 960!!  This thing is fabulous!  It not only steams the floors, it has a grout cleaner, an uphostry cleaner, and it even removes wall-paper (not that I have any of that to worry about).  I tested it out this morning... and Ta-Da!!... a clean floor in less time, with less mess... and the best part... (besides the fact that it was free to us) is No Chemicals!!!   Yeah for clean, chemical free floors!! So whether you use a Shark, or a Wagner, I highly suggest going with the steam!!!

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  1. yay! so glad you don't have to use the big 'ol robe mop anymore. happy cleaning!