Friday, October 30, 2009

A little crazy?? I think Not!

As I mention in my last post, I have decided to take part in a quilt challenge. ( albeit, against my better judgement)
What is a quilt challenge you ask?  Well it is when a bunch of quilters get together and challenge each other to make a quilt by a certain time. 
I have never done a challenge before, and I was eager to return to quilting and rejuvinate some of my quilting techniques.  (Despite the fact that I am terribly busy stocking my shelves for the holiday season and the upcoming craft shows and house parties...  why not add one more thing to my plate... right?)
Here is a picture of the model quilt.  It is a "Snowball" pattern, and can be done as a two tone (as seen here with the reds and creams) or it can be done with multi-colors.  I would like to do a two-tone, but I cannot decide which color to do. I am thinking of either red, blue, or green with the creams and whites.  Any suggestions??

The other aspect of this challenge is a fabric swap.   We were asked to look through our stash to find creams and light colors to swap with other quilters involved in the challenge.  I didn't have quite enough in my stash, so I purchased some and cut it up to send out to 7 other quilters all around the country.  It will be fun to see what fabric I get back in the mail from those same quilters.  Here is my fabric all ready to be packaged and mailed off to the happy recipients.


  1. Yay!! You're so good, Jen. I'll probably cut my fabric on Sunday after the two cutest twins in the whole wide world go home.

  2. Hi Jen, I am one of the people you are swapping with. I will have your fabrics in the mail by the end of this week. I too, am trying to figure out what color I will be using. :)