Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So I make Bags...

People ask what I do, and I say "I have a home business making bags, and purses, and baby items, and sometimes other things..."  Ya, that pretty much sums it up.  Mostly I focus on making bags of all shapes and sizes. I get inspired and I create the design in my head and just go for it.  Lest you think that this is something I just stumbled upon, it is actually a skill that I have been developing over the last three or more years.  It is a process that is continually refined and improved upon.  I've been using the same basic design for a while now, and most of my bags are created fairly easily.  This new bag design worked really well, and I loved the result:

Not every bag works out that easily for me, and every once in a while I will have a bag that just doesn't want to cooperate...  Today I had one of those bags.  It was a special order for a friend who wanted a school bag.  Easy enough, but not a design that I have yet mastered.  Creating this bag gave me nothing but grief, but I persevered and finally turned out the final product this afternoon.  It is a huge bag, but it fits the dimensions I discussed with my client, so I hope she is happy with it! 

If you like this fabric, stay tuned... I have enough left for another bag, and will have it on my Etsy site in the near future...
 Also Stay tuned for the step by step process of Bag Making....


  1. love the bags, especially the new style. so cute!!

  2. Very interesting blog Jen. Proud of you. Love, Mom