Saturday, April 5, 2014

Favorite Things- Keysocks!

I was SOOOO excited to get the mail today! 
My Keysocks arrived!
What are Keysocks you ask?  Well, let me just tell you... they are socks (more along the lines of pantyhose) that you can wear with your flats or maryjanes, or toms, or heels with a toe, or whatever shoe you feel like wearing without sock socks.  They are not peds... I have tried peds many times and they always manage to slip off my heal and jumble up under my foot- plus they get icky and sweaty and just plain gross.  Key socks are no-show panty hose like socks that keep your feet and calves warm when you wear the afore mentioned type shoes in cooler weather. 
I first saw Keysocks on Pinterest and pinned them, but forgot about them until the day came when I decided to wear my flats again... oh no, the stickyness the yucky "I can't wait to take these shoes off" feeling.  Then...I remembered Keysocks and immediately placed an order.  I decided to get the "light" pair because in Northern CA it just doesn't get that terribly cold, and I was afraid the other warmer pair might be too warm.  (***You can see all the different styles and colors of Keysocks on their website at )

I wore my new Keysocks all day and I just love them!  They are smooth and silky, and I can already tell they are not going to get all sweaty and sticky and gross.  They are quality made- I doubt they will snag easily if at all like pantyhose.  They are thick and durable, but the light version that I got isn't too thick.  They are very comfortable and you do not notice that you have them one.  They are definitely not going to fall off your foot and bunch up.  They fit snugly and perfectly, and they do not show around my toes or sides of the shoes.

So, you may be considering Keysocks (they just might be the answer to all your problems... ok, probably not, but they might help with some of your shoe wearing woes)?  A couple of things you ought to know about Keysocks:  1) You need to wear them with long pants- they go all the way up your calf, so the long pants will cover that part.  2) You may be able to see some of the sock on the back side- you know, above your ankle... But that is mostly just when you sit, and quite honestly, I really don't think that will be terribly noticable.

So, if you dislike wearing shoes without socks, and haven't been able to find a solution for your dilemma, I would suggest trying Keysocks.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

*** Keysocks is not paying me to promote their products.  I just really love them and wanted to share!

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