Friday, April 4, 2014

"Into and Over" and Introduction

There is a new show on the Food Network called "The Kitchen" which airs on Sundays.  It is a laid back and entertaining show that I have enjoyed a few times now.  They have a segment of the show called "Into" and "Over" where each host shares what they are currently "into" and what they are currently "over".  For example, one of the hosts said they were INTO waffles for breakfast, and OVER when people lick their fingers before opening the plastic produce bags at the grocery store.

I like the idea of "into" and "over" and thought it would be a fun way to start a conversation.  So I "stole" the idea from The Kitchen, and I tried it last night on a date with my Husband.  We both had fun discussing our "intos" and "overs"!  (A big Thank you to The Kitchen, for the idea- remember imitation is the best form of flattery!)

Currently my husband is "into" French Press Coffee
and he is "over" his new boots...they don't quite make the cut :(

I am currently "into" Keysocks!! (see related post)
I am currently "over" stretchy jeans that sag after less than one hour.

So what about you?  What are you "Into" and what are you "Over"?

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