Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wedding Talk- Remembering

Working in the wedding industry, wedding planning, budgeting and preparations are often on my mind.  I think back to my wedding a lot and remember with fondness the planning and preparations that went into our special day.  Where was Pinterest and Etsy back then?  Seriously, there are SO many resources out there now.

Brides will often share with me the details of their wedding day, the colors, bridesmaids dresses and themes they have planned.  It always makes me want to plan another wedding, but when I suggest the idea to Scott, it is always shot down...can't imagine why? Who wouldn't want to spend thousands of dollars on a second wedding to the same person?  He obviously doesn't get it!  Ha ha!  (My current favorite theme is the barn wedding!  I just love the rustic but elegant features of the pictured inspiration board!)

There are many things about our wedding that I loved, and some things I would change if I could go back.  I imagine that most brides feel the same way looking back on their wedding day.  For the most part, our wedding day was a beautiful day! 

I have worked with many different personality types over the past few years.  Some brides are very easy going and laid back when it comes to wedding planning. Others have very clear cut ideas of exactly what they want their day to look like.  Some brides have an idea of what they want, but need a bit of help executing it.  Other brides have no clue what they want, and need to be guided and directed a bit more with questions and suggestions. 

As I think back over my experience working with brides and my own wedding planning experience, I would say that the greatest piece of advice I can offer is this:  It is JUST a day.  This day is simply a Celebration of the beginning of your life with the man you love.  This DAY is just that... ONE Day.  And while it is a very important day and a very special day, it should not become more important than the marriage.   It is just the beginning.   This day will not be perfect, but it probably won't be a complete flop either.  Go with it, enjoy every moment, smile a lot, and laugh more.   The day goes very quickly. Cherish ever moment and have fun!! 

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